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MJPVL Rebranding to MBELR

Dear Readers:

On behalf of the Volume 4 Board, we write you today to share exciting news about the Michigan Journal of Private Equity and Venture Capital Law (MJPVL).

After publishing three volumes as an independent journal and building a strong subscribership, MJPVL gained accreditation this year from the University of Michigan Law School.  Our discussions with the Michigan Law accreditation committee raised an issue that the MJPVL Volume 3 Board and members often discussed: the opportunity to address an increasing mismatch between the journal’s name, which is narrowly tailored to private equity and venture capital law, and the articles and notes that we solicit and publish, which address some vibrant areas of business law that exceed the scope implied by our name.

Our discussions over the past months with MJPVL constituents have focused on weighing the costs and benefits of continuing within the niche of private equity and venture capital law, which has produced lively and constructive debate within the MJPVL community. We have considered the advantages of a narrow, specialized scope and the limitations this scope can place on content solicitation and diversity, student note development, and educational opportunities for our readers.

Ultimately, the Volume 3 and Volume 4 Boards have decided to change the name of the journal to encompass broader topics in business law, while still maintaining a preference for legal issues related to venture capital and private equity: The Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review (MBELR). We feel that this new name addresses concerns about the narrow scope without sacrificing the spirit of the journal.

We want to emphasize our new name and scope do not affect our organization or operations. Our culture, values and mission to serve as a vessel for high quality practitioner and scholarly work remains, and we will continue to solicit and publish the best content available.  Our goal is to continue the legacy of MJPVL through MBELR publications and institutionalize this legacy at Michigan Law as an accredited journal.

We are happy to provide further insight into the thinking behind the name change or transition activities associated with the name change, so feel free to contact us directly.  We thank you for your support of MBELR, and hope that you continue to enjoy our online content and forthcoming Volume 4 print publications.

Best Wishes,

Hugh Manahan



Alyssa McAnney

Managing Editor