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German Prosecutor’s Raid Weakens DOJ Bargaining Power

Sally Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General, released a memorandum on September 9, 2015, known as the “Yates Memo.”1 The Yates Memorandum made fighting corporate fraud—specifically, targeting individual, executive bad actors—a top priority for the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal division.2 As a result, large international corporations have increasingly hired third-party law firms to conduct internal investigations into alleged corporate wrongdoing to avoid stiff criminal and civil penalties in the U.S.3 In the United States, the information discovered by third-party law firms in internal investigations is largely considered privileged.4 The recent raid of Jones Day’s German offices by Munich’s prosecutor, however, challenges international corporations’ faith in the privacy of U.S. internal investigations, and, therefore, weakens the DOJ’s overall bargaining power when pursuing corporate crimes and civil infractions.

On March 17, 2017, the Munich Public Prosecutor’s office raided Jones Day’s German offices.5 Volkswagen hired Jones Day, a United States-based law firm, to investigate the automaker’s diesel emissions scandal. The Munich prosecutor gave no specific reasons for the raid, but sources allege the raid occurred due to suspicions that Jones Day and Volkswagen withheld information from the prosecutor’s office to protect VW’s senior executives and board members.6

The German prosecutor’s raid came just three months after VW pled guilty to three felonies in the U.S., agreeing to pay $4.3 Billion in criminal fines to the U.S., and after a federal grand jury indicted six VW executives and employees for their participation in the scheme.7 Volkswagen openly condemned the raid, calling it a “clear breach of the principles of the rule of law,”8 and on March 29th officially challenged the raid in a Munich Court.9 The combination of large criminal penalties paid to the U.S. and Germany’s disregard for legal privilege questions international corporations’ faith in the value of U.S. law firm-led internal investigations.10

While raids of law firm offices in the United States and Europe are uncommon,11 the German raid raises many questions. Until international corporations know whether raids like the one at VW will continue, these corporations will most likely be reluctant to undergo internal investigations outside of the U.S. Additionally, international corporations may become increasingly reticent to cooperate with the DOJ, knowing that any internal reports found in their foreign offices may be seized and used against them.

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