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Ann Arbor has the Right Stuff

Jason Mendelson (@jasonmendelson) and his partner, Brad Feld (@bfeld), visited Ann Arbor and UofM back in the fall. They made the rounds of TechArb, the University Office of Tech Transfer, and even stopped by a Ross School of Business Class taught by Dr. David Brophy that pairs students with budding companies trying to land Angel or VC funding. I was enrolled in the class and I got to pitch Jason on my company… WHAT a great experience! I was REALLY impressed with both of them and I love their dedication to cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship in Boulder, Ann Arbor, and throughout the US more generally. It is definitely something that helped stoke my entrepreneurial fire. However, the best thing I heard was at a lunch talk at the Law School. Both gentlemen raved about Ann Arbor and, while I am way overdue in sharing, this recent post encouraged me to mention their trip.

I thought I would share this blog entry, written by Brad, since it has a number of good thoughts and links to some of the other posts from their visit. Enjoy!

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